Assistant Director John Pollock is one of the most powerful men in the Bureau. He considers that a pretty good start. A shrewd, ruthless political player, John can turn any situation to his advantage. He brought Jess to Washington, D.C. because her solve rate in Indiana was nothing short of spectacular. But her gifts make him uneasy because they can't be quantified or controlled. He appreciates Nicole's stellar solve rate, but he's cautious of her independence and nonstandard methods. John may be a tough man, but he still cares about his agents and even partially blamed himself when Janey was killed in season three. It tore him apart enough that he was released from duty for an episode, judged as unfit to continue working. During that time he spent time with his kids, a son and a daughter named Chloe, and also tried to work things out with his wife Janice. Eventually he returned to power and at the end of the season we learned that John and Janice were expecting their third child.

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